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Living with #NoPain

Our Champions

They won the battle against pain!  Congratulations, You did it!  #BackToLife #NoPain

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"No more sciatica, back pain, residual pain,more flexibility and back to Life!"- A.D.

"I can walk and climb stairs!" L.C.

"I got stronger thanks to the staff!"- R.N.

"Me estoy cintiendo mucho mejor ya no me dan calambres me a ayudado en la dolencia de mis pies gracias"- E.C.

" When i first came i could not bend my leg and now i can bend it, plus i can jog."- D.N.

"I was able to play golf for the first time in 4 months! Thank You!"- M.R.

"After a year of walking, climbing stairs, etc. becoming progressively more difficult, my mother is finally being able to walk again without constant pain and numbness in her legs. She was unable to sleep at night because of the pain and cramps. Thank you so much, Christina for

a) finding out where the problem is/was:

b)helping her start to feel better by your care."-M.C.

"When i first came to your clinic i had severe lower back pain, I could not sit or lay down with out having a lot of discomfort. I am feeling a lot better since having the physical therapy. I really do feel a much improvement for the first day when i came to your clinic. I hope to continue the excersises i have learned to keep my back strong."- A.L.

" Was in a lot of pain in lower back and RT hip before starting PT. After six visits and excercises I'm feeling a lot better. Thank You very much!"-F.C.

" I feel better with less episodes of muscle spasms. The physical therapy treatment is quiet hoptimal in their care of patients like me. The staff are knowlageable and consistent in the way they help me with treatment. I would recomend it to my friends in care they need treatment. Thanks to the, for rescuing my back" L.V.

"Great improvement! Flexability and strength being able to sleep better through the night has been greatly improved. Also Thank You!- T.R.

"I Came here with a lot of pain. Now i am PAIN FREE! Thanks to the staff; Gul & Janessa, who were very nice and helpful." A.B.


 " LLa me puedo parar sin ayuda la terapia me ayuda demasiado gracias." M.O.

" I work two jobs and i am always on my feet. I started coming here and after just two visits i noticed that my back is much more lose and the stretches and exercises have helped me with my everyday activities. Thank You guys =)" - M.A.D

"I am so thankful the servesces that they are doing for me

They are kind and generous. I would recomend this place to

people god bless you all." -A.C.

" Came in stiff as a board with the help of the staff I am lose and PAIN FREE"- L.T.

"I was not able to lay on my right side due to pain in the Rt knee But with therapy now am able to lay on my right side." -S.G.

"I've learned so much and my pain has decreased tremendously! Thank You to all the staff for the encouragement and help"- T.Y.

"To all the staff at Central Care Physical Therapy; Thank You! I have suffered major neck and back pain for the last ten years, but after coming to Central Care beginning October 2014 thru the present July 2015, I feel great for the first time in ten years. I am ready to return to work after ten years of unemployment. I totally recommend this facility and all the staff! Thank You Central Care Physical Therapy and all the staff here! Especially Christina. " - P.D.