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5 questions to ask your doctor

Injuries happen to the best of us.  Some more often than others, some more severe and disabling.  Taking control of your body and recovery is important and asking these 5 simple questions empowers you to be a champion of your health. 

5 Simple questions to ask your Health Care Provider.

1.  What is going on with my body?

Your health care provider is an expert.  They have studied countless hours, have trained with many other professionals, treated many conditions like yours and their education and training never ends with new scientific and evidence based clinical research.  Their knowledge on what is currently happening in your stage of healing will help greatly, things will make sense to you.  Dr. Google and Dr. Youtube can be easy but also confusing.  So it is best to talk face to face with a licensed health care provider about your injury.  It maybe your body and your pain but you can and should choose a doctor who is able and willing to make sense of what is happening.

2.  How long till I recover completely?

If there is one thing we can not take back, it is time.  Time is a precious commodity and your health care professionals know what the time frame for healing is for each particular condition.  A thorough physical examination is needed along with a knowledge of your lifestyle and goals as these will greatly affect your recovery.    A proper forecast of events will give you further control of not only your body but your schedule and the schedule of those who depend on your good health and well being.

3.  What can I do to help myself recover faster?

Taking control of your own body is the most important factor in your road to recovery.  Your health care provider will guide you with their knowledge on how the body works, functions and heals.  Your job is move actively and determine which treatments are creating immediate positive results.  You are the only person who knows how your body reacts at any particular time and your input combined with the knowledge of your treating provider will create a postive outcome. 

Know that passive treatments never have long lasting effects.  Passive treatment creates dependence, these treatments require no participation on your end. 

4.  What can you do to help me recover faster?

Each health care provider has their own area of expertise which can prove beneficial to your condition.  It is not uncommon that some injuries requires a combination of different health care providers to maximize rapid recovery.  All experts have their special tools and methods which are proven to be effective both scientifically through research and clinically through experience and training.  Do not be afraid to ask how or why this particular treatment works. 

5.  How soon can I start?

If this makes sense to you, don't delay.  Make an appointment, keep your appointments.  Be diligent with your home program and instructions.  Continue to ask more questions.  We are here to help you be a champion and live your life with #NoPain.


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If you suffer from chronic pain, do not give up.  Never under estimate your body's capacity to heal.  We are always here to help.

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Dr. Christina Uy-Abellon, DPT, PMA-CPT
Certified Pilates Teacher and Certified Pilates Practitioner for Rehabilitation
Director of Physical Therapy
Central Care Physical Therapy

Serving humanity through healing #NoPain

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