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by Dr. Christina Abellon, PT, DPT

Have you ever heard someone say, "I need a new back" or "My shoulder has a mind of it's own?" Often after an injury, we have an exaggerated sensation of that area (which is normal and for our protection) but if we tend to "baby" or overprotect the area for a long period of time, we lose key elements for proper body awareness and proper movement. Our mission, as physical and occupational therapists, is to find that perfect balance between guiding safe movement and creating challenging activities to get you back in the game.

What is the Pilates Method?

Joseph Pilates created his method (called Contrology at that time) based on his belief that through proper exercise, the body can fight illness. It is focused on the principles of controlled movement, precision, concentration, and postural alignment. The Pilates method has been helping people of all backgrounds, from soldiers to ballerinas, since the 1920's. At Central Care Physical Therapy we use the Pilates Method to help our clients rediscover how amazing their body works.

Why and how does Pilates work?

Pilates makes you think. I always tell our clients, Pilates is our way of reintroducing you to your body again. The Pilates machines help you to move safely with just enough challenge to help you concentrate on what you are doing. The specialized exercises allow you to feel your spine and your joints. When you have a better sense of yourself, you have more control.

How safe is Pilates?

The first Pilates machine, Trapeze Table AKA Cadillac, was created from hospital beds to strengthen soldiers injured during the war. Joseph Pilates continued to develop other machines from ordinary home furniture using springs as resistance. When Joseph Pilates migrated to the U.S., his method became popular in the dance community. The Pilates method is very safe, but guidance is always needed with a trained instructor to maximize body control, alignment and precision of movement.

Pilates for athletes, Pilates for physical therapy, Pilates for all

Pilates was developed for everybody. Currently, it is often more exclusive for elite athletes and celebrities. At Central Care PT however, we have been using it successfully for more than 10 years with all our clients regardless of background and condition: from seniors suffering with chronic low back pain to young elite travel softball athletes.

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