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Physical Therapy

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Sharing our knowledge with you

5 Simple questions to ask your Health Care Provider.

The Wolves Inside

There is a Cherokee legend about 2 wolves.  A grandfather was teaching his grandson about a battle inside him.  He explained that there are 2 wolves constantly fighting within him.  The first wolf is anger, pain, negativity, self pity, doubt and fear.  The other wolf is joy, peace, confidence, happiness and freedom.   These two wolves are inside each person, too.   The young child thought about it and asked, "Which wolf will win?". His grandfather answered, "The wo...
Posted on 2017-02-28

Back Recovery #NoPain

The body is an amazing creation.  The most important part of the body is our brain.  Our mindset directs our future including our recovery from any type of injury.   Therapist at Central Care Physical Therapy are committed to restoring hope, changing one's mindset and facilitating the body's capacity to heal because we know it works and we know what works.  We have champions to prove it.  If you are ready to get back to life with NoPain.  Once you have decided ...
Posted on 2015-08-21

5 Questions to ask your doctor

Injuries happen to the best of us.  Some more often than others, some more severe and disabling.  Taking control of your body and recovery is important and asking these 5 simple questions empowers you to be a champion of your health.  5 Simple questions to ask your Health Care Provider. 1.  What is going on with my body? Your health care provider is an expert.  They have studied countless hours, have trained with many other professionals, treated many conditions lik...
Posted on 2015-05-29

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