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Jacob H

Jacob Hanneman 05/24/19

Before coming into Central Care Physical Therapy, I had moderate back and shoulder pain from a fall while on a boat. This pain made standing or sitting at work for extended amounts of time difficult.  It affected my daily life away from work also, I was unable to participate in my favorite hobbies such as surfing and kayak fishing. The amazing staff worked with me for a little over 6 months during the journey of repairing my body. By scaffolding exercises, targeting specific muscle groups explicitly, and most importantly acting as motivators in my progress, the pain began to recede and my strength started to increase. I am now happy to say that I am back surfing, kayak fishing, and on my way to getting in the best shape of my life! Beyond the personal health benefits I have experienced during my time at Central Care, I am beyond grateful to have gotten to know and become friends with the awesome Staff! I can’t thank them enough for the endless laughs and dedication they provided while helping me heal!

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