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Lorraine S

Lorraine S  8/15/18

It's a pleasure for me to be given the opportunity to tell my success story.

When I first walked into Central Care... I barely could move. Less known walk. I was on the verge of being bed ridden. I was in bed 5 days a week. I was in horrific pain 24/7. I was taking Narco pain pills 3x a day. The staff did not hold back about telling me the importance of me keeping each appointment as well as doing my stretches and exercises daily. This was going to be very difficult for me because I've only exercised one semester at PCC. I was willing to give this therapy all I got, and I'm glad I stuck it out for I have lost 23 lbs. I'm off my cane that I've been dependent on for over 6 years. I've gotten stronger and now I'm out of the house exercising and walking around my apartment complex. My gratitude to all the staff at Central Care. Thank you!

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