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Melinda M

Melinda M. 9/21/18

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to tell my success story.

I walked into the office with low back pain. I was fearful of the unknown but that all went away...I was warmly greeted by a nice and compassionate front office staffers, Marlene and Nancy. After discussing what was going on with me and my diagnosis their empathetic demeanor was very reassuring. They said, "You are going to be ok." I had downloaded the paper work and filled it all out before hand because I knew I wasn't going to be able to sit to fill them out. I was fearful of my body going into spasm or worse. The only relief I had was standing. I stood there until Dr. Christina greeted with the warmest smile and right away that put me at ease. She too reassured me that I was going to be ok. She led me into a personalized room and in there we talked while she performed her exam and physical therapy on my back. I was in bad shape and her professionalism during the exam was wonderful. From that moment on I knew this was the place I was suppose to be at.

I wanted to get better and stronger for ME! No going back to the ER for back pain and drugs. I wanted to get back working with kids pain free and to enjoying life with my family & friends. Dr. Christina's team of therapists got me there. Saul, Adri-Anne, Jose, and all ROCK! The therapy sessions 3 days/week and home exercise for 4 months made a big difference on how I felt and how my overall health improved. I will continue with my stretching and incorporate other exercises to build more strength.

Being an avid golfer I wanted to get back on the course. Well I'M BACK ON THE COURSE!

Thank you so much for the wonderful care and treatment you and your team gave me during my therapy sessions. The stretching maneuvers along with Pilates were very helpful to my physical well-being. My Spondylosisthesis has not been aggravated or gotten worse and my nerve pain has gone. I can go out as usual doing what I love to do. You were patient enough with me in managing my pain and the professional attention given to me was exceptional. All these helped me to regain strength for my recovery from the nerve and spasm pain. Once again thank you for being such a kindhearted care provider and for making the treatment manageable.

All the Best,
Melinda Martinez

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