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P. E.

P.E. 6/28/18

I had a right knee replacement surgery in early November of 2017.My orthopedic surgeon prescribed home physical therapy after I was discharged from the hospital.After a couple of sessions of home P.T., I decided it wasn't for me and started looking for a reputable physical therapy clinic to continue my rehabilitation. Initially, the major factor in selecting a physical therapy clinic was its proximity to my home. I searched on Yelp and found Central Care Physical Therapy with a 5-star rating.After reading all the reviews, I decided on Central Care even if there are two other facilities closer to my home. Dr. Christina and her staff made me feel right at home from the initial consultation to the last day of my therapy. I worked closely with Dr. Christina, Jose, Saul, and at times with Tiffany. They listened to my concerns and designed a workout plan that accelerated my recovery. Thank you all for pushing me to do the exercises even if I didn't feel like doing them.At my 6-month follow-up with my surgeon, he was so impressed with my recovery and said that if not for my scar, people wouldn't even know that I had knee-replacement surgery. Again, thanks to Dr. Christina and her staff.I did it…NO PAIN.

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