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5 Simple Morning Habits

5 Simple things to do when you wake up.  

These are guaranteed to energize your mind, body and spirit.

dog stretching1.  Stretch.

Motion is lotion.  Give your body a healthy "oil change" daily on your joints.
Breathe:  take full breaths when you inhale and exhale as your stretch. 
Release all the stiffness and tension in your body and prepare it for the day ahead.

making bed2.  Make your bed.

Get one task done and be satisfied that you have already completed something
at the start of the day. On top of feeling accomplished, you'll have a freshly made
bed to sleep in.

washing face3.  Wash your face.

A clean fresh face symbolizes a fresh start to a new day. While you are in the bathroom,
make sure you eliminate all waste that your body has been working on while you were

camel drinking4.  Drink water.

A cup of warm water (or mildly flavored warm tea, lemon infused water) every morning also
helps assist the cleansing of your body. Warm water can also help relax the muscles and
improve bloodflow and circulation in the body. As an added bonus it can also leave you
feeling fuller throughout the day and lead to weight loss.

meditation5.  Pray or Meditate

Have a maximum of 15 minutes to pray (if you are Catholic, pray the rosary) or
meditate in a quite area.  Preferably with a view of the sunrise or a nice view of
nature- plants, a garden. Create your own sanctuary where you can sit in silence
to think and listen. Clear your thoughts, give thanks for your accomplishments and
blessings, ponder on the short comings, look forward to your plans for the day or for

the future and listen to ideas that will suddenly be known to you.

What not to do:

snooze1. Hit the snooze button

Those extra few minutes do more harm than good. It tricks your body into
thinking you did not really need to wake up and when you alarm goes off later
your body is put into confusion because it's not sure if you are trying to sleep
or wake up! Set your alarm for the time you are supposed to wake up and
wake up at that time. It will help put your body in a rhythm and help you fall

asleep more naturally at night.

no phone2. Check the phone, computer for email or social media

By doing this you are putting their "to-do" lists before you have even set your own. Delay
checking anything until you have taken care of yourself and planned out your day. If those
people really needed to contact you for an emergency the would have called. If you can
master this you can master your day.