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AB 1000 CA Physical Therapy Part 1

We are certainly overjoyed with the news that Gov. Brown has passed AB 1000 and will be effective on January 2014. So what is AB 1000? How does this affect you? If you have health insurance, you probably are used to seeing your primary physician first and obtain a prescription for physical therapy. AB 1000 allows all health care consumers to DIRECTLY ACCCESS your physical therapist once you have pain or injured without seeing your PCP. If your physical therapist successfully treats your condition within 12 visits or 45 days- no prescription is needed. Your physical therapist will let you know if your condition is manageable within these parameters. With increasing deductibles, co insurances, co pays. It will certainly lessen your healthcare cost to see your PT directly and discuss your treatment plan.

At Central Care Physical Therapy in Chino, we always provide FREE PT CONSULTATIONS to discuss your condition and plan your care. We guarantee results within these 12 visits or 45 days and also have the most affordable no interest payment plans for those with high deductibles.

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