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Back Recovery #NoPain

The body is an amazing creation.  The most important part of the body is our brain.  Our mindset directs our future including our recovery from any type of injury.   Therapist at Central Care Physical Therapy are committed to restoring hope, changing one's mindset and facilitating the body's capacity to heal because we know it works and we know what works.  We have champions to prove it.  If you are ready to get back to life with #NoPain, this blog is for you.

6  Simple Truths

1.  The back is flexible, strong and resilient.

2.  The back is an amplifier of stress.

3.  Xrays and MRI results are not a death sentence.

4.  The worst thing you can do to your back is to do nothing.

5.  The body is made up of many joints that were created to move.

6.  Moving is healthy and is needed.

Central Care Physical Therapy, never gives up on any patient who is willing and committed to get better.  How do we help our patients get better?  We help them climb their Everest.

Mount Everest is the highest peak on eart, approximately 29,029 feet at the top.  How do climbers reachthe top?

1.  Goal setting.  Have a specific goal and deadline to reach the goal.  Visualizing performing this task is important in your body's healing.

2.  One step at a time.  The first step is to make the decision to get better, make the decision to have #NoPain.  Once you have decided to take action, the next steps will fall into place.  Find a doctor of Physical Therapy who has the same committment towards your recovery and demand that need for change.

3.  Acclimate.  Expect soreness.  Expect to feel worse before you get better.  Healing muscles will complain as you increase your level of activity.  Growing pains, healing pains is part of the recovery process.  Your Physical Therapist has the knowledge to determine what is the good pain and when the acclimation stage is over.  Your physical therapist will be there to motivate you to keep on going and focus on your goals and they also have the proper tools to help the acclimation process.

4.  Relish in your success.  If you have set your goals, the big and small, reward yourself for achieving it.  I did it!  #NoPain.

Want a copy of this tip sheet?  Call us at (909) 590-7997.  Have you decided to begin your journey with #NoPain, call for your first Pain Relief Session at (909) 590-7997.